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What is your business really worth? (And how do you know?)

You’re in business, approaching retirement.
You’re clear on your financial goal and lifestyle aims.
Will the sale of your business achieve the financial goal? Will you get the price you want?
You’re ambitious. You have found a business you think has good potential. You want to buy it. But you don’t want to pay too much.

Either way, you want to know, “What is the business worth?

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How much capital does your business need?

As the CFO of your small business, the first item in your job description is “Get the capital your business needs”.

Every small business—new and existing—must manage the capital of their business.

Your business requires working capital just to stay in business beyond what was necessary to start your business.

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What's driving your business success?

Dashboards provide benefits for your business where your key drivers for success are smartly linked to your financial goals and business strategies.

These key drivers can be monitored from both an historic (lag) and forward (leading) perspective.

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Directors living dangerously?

Being a company director should not be taken lightly.

It comes with significant responsibilities and financial risks.

For example, Company directors can now be personally liable for unpaid superannuation and PAYG withholding.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has had the ability to make company directors personally liable for unpaid PAYG withholding, under the 'director penalty regime'.

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Goals to Dashboards to CFO... whats the link?

The greatest trap many of us fall for is to set too many goals for the new financial year!

We have found that the most successful planning years tend to be when we have a smaller number of strategies, but with targeted plans towards their achievement.

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